Buddha's Smiling Face
A baby smile, innocent, yet, understanding...

Poem by Su-Li Hung
one day, the flowers and poems
will be laid to rest with me.
the Buddha's eyes, will look down on me
the Buddha's hand, will cover me.

River, Tree, Buddha
River is time; tree is life. Buddha is wisdom of life, growing and dying in the stream of time being. This is my art.

Homage to the Buddha of Bamiyan
The standing Buddha of Bamiyan was build in 554 A.D., at the cave of Bamiyan mountain in central Afghanistan. Bamiyan was a major town of Silk Road at that time. In 630A.D. 玄奘Xuanzang, a Chinese Buddhist pilgrim, saw this splendid Buddha statue. He described in his book: this 53 meters high great statue as painted with gold, and decorated with shining jewelry. The entire cave surrounding the statue was painted with a beautiful design of Buddhist heaven scene. In March, 2001, this Buddha statue was destroyed. I always think about it. In 1995, I started to paint Buddha images, for family reason. In 2014, I began painting a series of Buddha faces to go with my paintings of river and trees, this Buddha of Bamiyan came to me over and over. I painted two paintings, one is called" Homage to the Buddha of Bamiyan". The other is called" Yellow Dust on the Buddha of Bamiyan". I am exploring the 1,500 years of the spirit of the eternal "Buddha".

In this painting, I unintentionally painted the Buddha like a wrapped up baby, wishing that this one time great statue, damaged then destroyed, can be reborn.

My Asia
My Asia is the colors of red and red, indigo blue and white,
black ink and tea stain, yellow and green;
with the fragrance of jasmine flowers and burning incense;
cherry blossoming in thin rain;
green banana leaf shading purple orchid in mid-summer day;
oak tree in raw brown autumn flavor...
Tea and sympathy, tree and symphony; full of sound and fury, signifying everything...

Meet Me at the River
Meet me at the river
A tree standing there 
Light and shadow and speed 
A tree is a statement 
A river is an announcement...
Art for me is the way to reach and touch the heart-beat of our inner life.

Eight categories of Su-Li Hung's Art:
1. Tree(樹)    
My art is a tree. Taiwan is my root. Tree branches searching the sky for 40+ years. Seasons change, time flies, my tree spreads in all directions: dark black tree trunks against snowy sky; green mosaic patches organize ginkgo fan-shape leaves; pink cherry blossoms gather in pink clouds; golden yellow light silhouette the tangle elm tree. A tree is a life cycle. My art hangs on the tree canopy. I go backward to reach my roots—Taiwan.

2. River(河)  
Buddha opened his two palms, as the banks of a river. Confucius said "River departs, day and night." (逝者如斯夫,不捨晝夜)River reflects the tree, reaches its own conclusion.

3. Shining Green Taiwan (亮�臺灣)
Taiwan is an island of orchids; island of butterflies; island of vegetables and fruits; an island of abundant rich colors.

4. Raindrops on Banana Leaves (雨滴蕉葉)
Night rain on the Buddhist Temple courtyard, banana leaves are wet from the thin raindrops, sounding like reading sutras.

5. Burning the Incense (焚香)
At Taiwan temples, burning the incense is a ritual ceremony, communicating with the God, the Goddess, and ancestors. The smell of incense crawling in the air, the fragrance of flowers.

6. Flower Petals (花瓣)
One petal of an iris flower determines the inner depth of the entire flower. The dimming fragrance hangs around, unaware of the decay.

7. Black Hair (�髮)
Black hair is the deep dark night, the dream of youth, a forgotten past, an uncertain existence.

8. Fabrics (布紋)
Upstream, downstream, a river weaves fabric patterns