My art is a tree. Taiwan is my root. Tree branches searching the sky for 40+ years. Seasons changes, time flies, my tree spreads in all directions: dark black tree    trunks against snowy sky; green mosaic patches organize ginkgo fan-shape leaves; pink cherry blossoms gather in pink clouds; golden yellow light silhouette the tangle elm tree. A tree is a life cycle. My art hangs on the tree canopy. I go backward to reach my roots—Taiwan.

When the trees drop their leaves there emerges a wonderful winter pattern of tangled branches. The sky emerges in this tangled pattern as a mosaic: tiles of light held firmly in the trees grip. 

I am fascinated by this patterning of nature. Painting is an excellent medium to express the relationships of sky and tree. It is the classic idea of figure ground or space against negative space. Looking through dark branches at glowing sky, first the tree then the sky grabs our attention, or both at once. The paradox and beauty of nature and art is before us.